yoga basics for beginners

Yoga Basics For Beginners: A Brief Guide

Do you want a physical transformation? Or, are you looking for a way to calm your mind? Whatever your goal is, yoga is the best bet for you. So, it would be a wise decision to have a comprehensive guide by your side to get begin with. Being aware of yoga basics for beginners helps you have a strong base for the upcoming intense and complex yoga practice.

Yoga basics for beginners include the true meaning of yoga, its various elements, and how to level up your practice and enter the world of yoga as a certified yoga teacher. So, without wasting a second, let’s roll further.

What is Yoga?

As per the bookish definition, yoga consists of physical, mental, and spiritual practices. It aims towards a healthy and harmonious life. However, there is so much more than that in reality. Some call it a key to physical transformation whereas some view it as a path to mental peace.

So, yoga is a small part of the bigger spiritual dimension. You move from physical to mental well-being and then into the spiritual world. For everything, yoga is the way to go with.

Elements of Yoga Basics For Beginners

Here are some of the major elements of yoga basics for beginners you should be aware of. Go through them.

Yoga Asanas

This is preferably the first step to begin your yoga journey. Yoga asanas are physical movements that you practice to get familiar with your body.

The idea is to know how your body moves and which movement benefits you. In short, it is one of the easiest elements of yoga basics for beginners.

Meditation Practice

Meditation means to become conscious of your mind, its thoughts, and your bodily sensations. The art of meditation helps you connect with your inner being without any hassle.

Practicing meditation brings you into the present moment that helps you calm down your mental chaos.

Pranayama Techniques

Breath is one of the major elements of yoga basics for beginners. Without breathing properly, you might not move or relax perfectly.

With different Pranayama techniques, you flush out toxins present inside your body and fill up fresh oxygen in your body.


Mantras are phrases or words that have a hidden meaning. Practicing mantras tunes you to the natural frequency of the Universe.

Moreover, mantras help you stay focused in a single moment. Not just that, they even enhance your focus and makes you familiar with the yoga lingo.

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Would you like to shift your frequency? If so, visualization is just the thing for you. Practicing visualization helps you think about a particular scenario that you wish for.

So, this particular element of yoga basics for beginners helps in changing the physical structure of your mind. Moreover, it builds new neurotic pathways in your mind over time.


Do you want to reprogram your mind? If yes, you must give affirmations a try. Affirmations are words or phrases that have a positive impact on your mind.

The idea is to repeat a particular word in the present tense until it registers in your subconscious. Over time, affirmations boost your confidence, make you creative, and offer solutions to problems.

So, the above-given were some of the major elements of yoga basics for beginners. You can begin with yoga poses and gradually move on to other yoga elements. However, there are no hard and fast rules you need to follow. Do what you like or desire and the rest will follow.

How to Level Up Yoga Practice?

Now, the quest to level up your practice comes into play. Well, the best method is to join a yoga teacher training. That’s right! You must look for a certified Yoga Alliance course to begin with.

Then, join and complete the course to gain mastery over a single form of yoga. Moreover, joining a certified Yoga Alliance course helps you have a deeper insight into the world of yoga.

Over time, you can even level up your training with another YTT (yoga teacher training) program. The best thing is that you get to train under yoga masters along with practitioners from across the world.

Wrap Up

Being aware of yoga basics for beginners ensures you take the right first step. Over time, you become aware of different elements of yoga and gradually become a master. Until then, just keep practicing yoga and stay away from injuries. Happy journey!

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