How effective is mesotherapy treatment for hair loss patients?


But that fretful sight when we see hair strands everywhere can be tough to deal with. Like every other person, ‘Do you wish to have beautiful, thick, and long hair?’ But that is not becoming possible because of your severe and sudden hair loss. I might agree that sometimes it’s sudden but sometimes it does leave signs beforehand before it reaches that severe stage. Well! Whatever your experience is, you have to get the hair restoration treatment as early as possible. In case you don’t want to consider getting the hair transplant in the first place then why not choose something like mesotherapy.


Non-surgical treatment before the surgical option

Few patients would want to get the hair loss treatment as non-surgical. So, accordingly, doctors suggest a customized treatment plan. No doubt, you can see whether this option works for you or not, and accordingly, you can make your path towards the Hair Transplant in Vizag.

Let me tell you one thing: There are a few patients who would love to get both the options and after that make the necessary choice. Just make sure that you consult the best hair restoration surgeon to get yourself the right approach in saving your hair locks like Hair Transplant in Kakinada or combining hair transplant with other things.

Key features of Mesotherapy

  • Mesotherapy is referred to as a non-surgical option to save hair locks.
  • It is going to give your scalp an added boost of making the blood flow properly and even get the necessary vitamins needed for hair regrowth.
  • One of the effective options in treating bald patches and following that is to activate hair follicles. Whether it’s men or women both will get positive results.
  • During the treatment, a vial injection is used which contains all the necessary things needed for the hair restoration purpose. So, this works as a great choice for revitalization.
  • Mesotherapy in total takes around 10 to 30 minutes to perform the surgery. The thinning or bald area is considered and accordingly, the treatment will be done.
  • This procedure is known as the less painful and faster method of getting the hair transplant done.

All in all, undergoing mesotherapy is the best-sorted option for hair loss as it deals with the effect of DHT and even ensures the hair grows properly.

How many sessions of mesotherapy?

In total 5 sessions of mesotherapy are needed to see the best of results. Depending on what your condition is, you will be given the necessary treatment plan by the doctor. Research has shown that this treatment option has a success rate of around 92% to 90% which is great in all ways. So, this way your hair will grow faster and have the best results you are looking for.

Schedule your initial consultation

If you have any sort of doubt regarding the treatment plan then better schedule your initial consultation with us. Better have clarity over everything to get the treatment done with ease.

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