Hysterectomy Procedure: Surgical Removal of Uterus and Cervix

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It is the surgical procedure that removes the uterus. There is a variety of the reason for which the surgical removal of the uterus will require and these are:

  • If the uterine fibroids are causing the person to suffer from pain
  • If the uterus has slipped from its original position to the vaginal canal
  • If there is cancer in any of the following reproductive organs:
  • Uterus
  • Cervix
  • Ovaries
  • If the vagina is shedding the blood abnormally
  • If there occurs a chronic pelvic pain
  • If the uterus keeps on getting thick, thicker and thickest
  • If the person is undergoing Gender Change Surgery (Female into Male), then obviously, it would require the person to say Bye-Bye to the uterus

How many types of Hysterectomy are there?

Based on the purpose of the hysterectomy, the surgeon will decide whether the whole or particularly a part of the uterus needs to be removed.

  • Subtotal Hysterectomy

This procedure only aims at removing the upper part of the uterus which makes the cervix remain intact.

  • Total hysterectomy

It involves the complete removal of the uterus & the cervix.

  • Radical Hysterectomy

It aims at removing all the following:

  • The whole of the uterus
  • Tissues present on the sides of the uterus
  • Upper Part of the Vagina

Please Note; Radical hysterectomy is done only if the cancer is present

Did you know? 

Ovaries Removal

Along with the hysterectomy, the surgeon can remove the ovaries as well if desired by the medical condition which is known as oophorectomy.


When the fallopian tubes are removed then it is known as salpingectomy.

Which Surgical techniques are most commonly used for hysterectomy?

There are multiple approaches through which hysterectomy can be performed. It is relevant to mention here that the approach which will be used to remove the uterus will particularly be dependent on the medical condition of the patient.

Did you know?

The technique used for the hysterectomy will determine the healing time.

  • Open Surgery Hysterectomy

The abdominal hysterectomy is often called by name of open surgery. Though it is the most common technique for hysterectomy, it is a largely invasive technique since the removal of the uterus involves the making of about 5 to 7-inch measuring incisions.

  • MIP Hysterectomy

The following approaches are used to carry out the MIP:

  • Vaginal Hysterectomy
  • Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
  • La[psrocopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy
  • Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Final Comments!

Though the uterus is a blessing for many women, it creates several problems as well. Those women need the uterus to be removed from the body otherwise they will run into those medical conditions which will make the functioning of the body worse.

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