Topmost do’s and don’ts of the Indian restaurant table manners

Do you love to try different food options? Well! As every meal is different in terms of taste, so is the restaurant table manner. One of the most important cuisines is Indian. WHY? Well! It has that value of rich Indian culture & taste which cannot be neglected and compared with any sort of other option. So, giving a try to such sort of Indian dining etiquette is important, and make sure that you try the same. Before you visit the Indian restaurant Seattle it’s better than you are properly aware of its table manners. Indeed, when you are aware of the same it will be a delightful experience for everyone to have the best dining experience in all ways.


Do’s of the Indian restaurant table manners

  • Make sure to wash your hands before eating food

It’s one of the most basic yet important rules to follow. Doing so will allow you to maintain the right kind of hygiene level. Indians like to have their food with their hands so this makes an important rule in the dining environment. We are not saying you have to use your whole hand while having the meal., it’s just the fingers you have to use. Once you are done with the meal, make sure that you wash your hands.

In Indian culture, the use of knives and forks is not suggested. On the other hand, if you are choosing to have soup or curry then use a spoon. Indeed! The way you eat the food makes the difference. So, if you are eating the meal at the Indian restaurant Kirkland then better use this method of eating.

  • Sharing a meal makes it better

Indeed! When you share a meal with others it’s a whole different vibe. In the Indian dining culture, it is one of the important parts, so you better share meals. Just make sure that whichever meal comes to the table needs to be shared with everyone else.

Don’ts of the Indian restaurant table manners

  • Expect all the courses to arrive at one time

Well! The Indian dining culture is different altogether. It even depends on which restaurant you are going to & their approach towards serving the meal can be different. So, sometimes a meal might arrive all-together & and sometimes there is the time between each of them.

  • Get up from the table

If everyone is having a meal then don’t make the mistake of leaving the table. It looks rude and not right on your part.

  • Waste food or leave the food on the plate

You should never waste food as it is not right on your part. The Indians are very particular about their food and the way it is cooked.

Final Word!

So, this is the thing which you have to keep in mind to have the best time over good food and tasty meals. Great to celebrate your time with Cafe Bahar no matter what the occasion is.

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