Indian Food And Its Evolving Nature With Traditional Values

One thing that joins everyone who is a “foodie” is the obsession for food and everything that surrounds it. Especially in Indians, the love for food and what it signifies in every household cannot be eradicated.

Indian restaurant in Quakers Hill brings you your plate of joy, with love and affection that is shown in the cooking of a traditional meal cooked by the mother of the household.


A Family That Eats Together Stays Together!

It is a culture of Indian people to sit together while enjoying the meal, the idea of not only sharing the food but also your daily activities with your family members have strengthened the families together till now.

The dishes are curated with love and extreme patience, with extensive recipes that have been followed by the ancestors.

Diversity In The Nature Of Food!

Not only the foreigners who are unaware of Indian traditional food and its diversity will associate Indian food with Butter Chicken and Naan, but also the Indians would not be able to tell the different cuisine and recipes that are used by different religious castes and races in India itself.

That is not mostly because of unawareness but because of the different cultures in the country. Although no matter which state or region you want to go to, they all will welcome you with love and a plate of food that would evoke every sensation in your body. 

Indians And The Culture Of Restaurant!

The idea of a restaurant has been popularised over the recent years, otherwise, people used to associate the restaurant with two possibilities street food or Dhabas (highway street-style restaurants) or 5-star restaurant with high-class chefs and services. Though now people are introduced to fine dining, there are still people in villages and small towns who rarely go out to eat dinner in a restaurant.

Every household is proud of the recipes and dishes that they create for its members, which eliminates the idea of eating out, as they believe to be the Annapurna(Goddess of good giver and nourishment).

Street Food And Its Popularity!

One thing that has been constant in Indian cuisine is the street food and its availability, though now they have been to the new peak where every food is being tried out to give it a twist like desi(Indian) Chinese. Still, people cannot forget the real street food of India that has always piqued our interest with its flavours and taste.

Street food like Golgappas also referred to as Panipuri in Mumbai and Puchkas in Kolkata has been people favourite to date.

A Conclusion For The Love Of Food!

There is so much to explore in Indian cuisine, which is also been accepted by foreigners, the popularity and the nature of its cuisine has intrigued many who wanted a taste(Zaika) of flavours which is mysterious and delightful.

Final Comments!

At Shriji Restaurant, you can explore that magic of Indian dishes, a place that could enlighten your tastebuds and love for the cuisine.

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