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Top 3 Yoga Teacher Training Courses For Yoga Lovers

Are you serious about practicing yoga? Well, if so, you should enroll in yoga teacher training. But, as a beginner, it could be a little complex to choose from different yoga teacher training courses. So, it would be a wise decision to explore the yoga world before enrolling in one of the courses.

However, you should first learn about what is yoga teacher training. Moreover, you must also know about the Yoga Alliance, a body governing the art of yoga. Read on.

What is a Yoga Teacher Training?

As depicted from the name itself, yoga teacher training is a course that offers yoga training. This further enhances your yoga skills and yoga knowledge. Moreover, joining the yoga training programs helps you become a certified yoga teacher.

A yoga course turns you from a newbie and inexperienced student to a yoga master in a few weeks. However, that depends from person to person and body to body. Some bodies respond better than other bodies. Therefore, results may vary.

Before learning about different yoga teacher training courses, you should get familiar with the Yoga Alliance. Keep reading.

What is Yoga Alliance?

The Yoga Alliance is a USA-based non-profit organization. It overlooks the distribution of yoga across the world. The Yoga Alliance does not offer any yoga teacher training courses. But, it has a registry of all the certified yoga teachers and yoga schools in the world.

Furthermore, the Yoga Alliance helps in providing the limelight to the respective talented and diligent yoga practitioners. In short, you must choose a yoga teacher training course with the Yoga Alliance certification.

With that said, here are the top 3 yoga teacher training courses. Each yoga course has its requirements. Therefore, you must have a deep insight into it before finalizing your decision. Roll further.

Different Yoga Teacher Training Courses

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

As a beginner, getting started is the most difficult thing. Hence, a 200 hour yoga teacher training course is the best option for beginners. This offers you a perfect approach and entry into the world of yoga.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a 200 hour YTT course is the first step in your yoga journey. The course curriculum is designed to keep newbies in check. It helps you get familiar with the yoga lingo, elements of yoga, and techniques of yoga practice.

Hence, apart from learning theory, you get the chance to know your body and mind better. In short, it would be a short trip into the world of yoga that ensures you get a strong base.

The best thing about this course is that anyone can join it. You don’t even need prior yoga experience to become a member of the 200 hour YTT course. Thus, it is one of the best yoga teacher training courses for newbie yoga learners.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

As you become acquainted with more and more about yoga and its practice, you gain knowledge and experience. Therefore, you enter the realm of intermediate yoga practitioners. In case you are already into a yoga practice for quite some time, you should join the 300 hour YTT course directly.

As far as the requirements are concerned, there aren’t any. However, some registered yoga schools ask for a 200 hour yoga certification. Well, in case you don’t have one, you can even show your potential to the respective teachers.

This course levels up your yoga practice. From a deeper insight into the art of yoga to practicing complex yoga poses, a 300 hour yoga teacher training course has it all. Moreover, on the completion of this course, you become a certified yoga teacher.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The last but not the least step in your yoga journey is the 500 hour yoga teacher training course. Being one of the most advanced yoga teacher training courses, it takes your practice to its peak. For admission, you might need 200 hour or 300 hour or both yoga teacher training certifications.

500 hour yoga teacher training course makes you physically strong, mentally stable, and spiritually aligned with your senses. Hence, it helps you get spiritually awakened along with mastering the art of yoga.

Wrap Up

Different yoga teacher training courses are confusing for many. Therefore, it is always better to become acquainted with different courses to choose the right one. Over time, nothing can stop you from getting better at yoga practice.

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