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Cerner technology has been serving the healthcare industry for 40 years. The goal of the organization is to connect people and systems around the world. Driving solutions through the latest technology to let communities and people engage in their healthcare. Cerner EMR is designed to cater the needs of today and think for tomorrow. Cerner supports its clients developing their data to enable them to make informed decisions. Giving clinicians the information, they need to provide smarter patient care. In addition, Empowering clinicians to know, manage and engage with their patients. Furthermore, Serving the medical industry with a transformation it requires.

Cerner EMR solution is known as Power Charts® Electronic Media Record system. It is an integrated cloud-based database combining all critical components of an EMR into a single system. Next, Cerner EMR was developed to help clinicians in both the acute and ambulatory care settings, to electronically store, capture and access patient health information. Cerner EMR enables you to access real-time information of a patient’s clinical information and lab results. For Instance,  It is certified for enabling healthcare organizations to meet The joint commission requirements for patient confidentiality. Securely access patient information whenever and wherever. 


Key Features Cerner Software:


  • Documentation by auto text, voice recognition, and narration. Consequently, Mobile App helps review patient charts, refills and request orders, review diagnostic and check lab results using the mobile app.
  • Built-In Templates limit the number of time physicians need to spend on documentation. Health Analytics for insights that help enhance clinical, population health, and financial strategies. To achieve long-term and daily operational improvements.


  • Patient portal to review clinical information, request refills, exchange messages, and have access to evidence-based 3000+ topics for further education.


  • Sepsis Surveillance developed in 2010 by Cerner, a tool to look for patient data and notify clinics if any patients are at risk of sepsis way before they have been diagnosed.


  • Revenue Cycle Management(RCM) to improve workflow and control costs, improves revenue and automatically verify insurance validity to eliminate the errors in claims.


  • Cybersecurity for protection of sensitive health data against cyberattacks and insider threats by ensuring access to only a limited number of staff.

Essential Points About Cerner EMR

  • Schedule Management for automatic appointment setting process from any location at all, within the department or facility. In the same way, Manage scheduling across multiple facilities and schedule a series of appointments at once. Validates medical requirements at several checkpoints. Prevents overbooking appointments and procedure interactions.


  • Kiosk for self-service for patients to check-in and manage appointments. Infact, View and update demographics and insurance information, also complete registration forms. EHR forms or consent signing options are also available.


  • PowerChart Touch for physicians in acute and ambulatory settings to access and review patients’ clinical data and current orders on multiple devices.


  • Not Only But Also Enterprise Master Person Index to minimize duplicates and enable end-users to find the correct person.


  • The Ambulatory Organizer displays patients’ daily schedule, time of patient check-ins, the reason for visit, and required documentation. wiselike, reminder of outstanding tasks.


  • Tap-and-Go Authentication makes a single username and password for all physicians. Used over several workstations and for scanning badges automatically for logging in virtual desktops. No-Click access to medical records at any station.


  • Ambulatory Registration Management automates workflow and process of registration, admittance, transfers, and discharges. As a result, Master Person Identifier to facilitate collecting co-pay or payments on outstanding balances.


  • Analytics integrated with the health system to examine enterprise and population health content. To imply strategies as per acquired data. 


Benefits of Cerner software:


  • Charting and documentation are simplified, shifting more attention towards the patients. Influence health analytics and more tools to provide highly accurate diagnosis and patient care.24/7 customer support service and assistance by Cerner Software. Therefore, Help for installation and implementation is also available.


  • Connect clinical, operational, and financial data systems through integration with Health Network Architecture. Likewise, A platform both intelligent and extensible. Helps healthcare providers to track and streamline financial performances as well.


  • Using the Cerner software millennium every aspect of patient care can be connected securely. Also comprehensive electronic health care record to aggregate and normalise data between vendors and platforms using HealtheIntentSM.


  • Interoperability between medical devices, applications, and EHR systems with CareAware.  Also That is a device connectivity platform.


  • Third-party and client developers’ collaborations using Cerner Open Developer Executive. To encourage open communication and provide API documentation, access, and guidelines for app development.


Cerner EHR Pricing: 

Cerner Ambulatory EHR cost: $25/Month per user.

It Is a SaaS-based software, whose pricing involves an implementation fee and a subscription fee. 

1,000 records  $500
10,000 records $2,500
100,000 records $10,000
1,000,000+ records $25,000


Cerner Reviews:

73% of users would recommend this product to fellow practitioners and user sentiment about Cerner is good. As a Result, User Cerner review rated as best at collaboration, data security, and user friendly. 

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