6 Tips to Keep your Eyes Healthy with Diabetes

6 Tips to Keep your Eyes Healthy with Diabetes

Diabetes is a common health problem and a chronic illness that can make your life difficult. Apparently, diabetes is another word for high blood sugar level but this increased blood sugar is something that can take a toll on your overall health. 

The effects of diabetes are not only limited to your blood sugar but goes to nearly every other organ in your body. From your kidneys to your eyes health, diabetes affects it all. We often hear people talking about diabetes feet care because this is one of the first things that gets affected by the disease. 

However, in case of diabetes your eye care becomes equally as important as your feet. Eyes are responsible for our sense of vision. You enjoy a normal life only if your eyes stay healthy. Your eye health becomes critically important when you suffer from diabetes. My uncle who was diabetic for years, suffered from diabetes retinopathy and went to the best eye specialist in Lahore to ensure his eye was healthy with disease. 

How to Keep your Eyes Healthy with Diabetes?

If you are diabetic or want to know about the ways that can help you to keep your eyes healthy 

with diabetes include:

1-  Eat healthy

Whenever it’s about diabetes, your food choices play a crucial role. The kind of foods you eat impacts your blood sugar level immediately. Make sure you make the right food choices that don’t impact your blood sugar violently. For this, you can consume foods that have low glycemic index and limit the consumption of simple carbs. Try to replace those with complex ones so it took a relatively longer time to process those. You can also give up on sweets or other low nutritious or high calorie foods.

2- Workout well

Physical activity is quite important when it comes to managing blood sugar levels well. When you workout well, it stabilizes your metabolism and enhances the production of insulin. Improved insulin production means you will have regulated blood sugar levels. So, no matter if you have previously done any physical activity, you can start doin it now. You may even start with walking or even cycling or anything that you feel like doing and gradually move to intense 

activities after your stamina builds up. 

3- Keep your blood sugar in check

No matter how much you try to control your blood sugar level, there are still a lot of factors that you can’t do much about. In this case, it is important to keep an eye on your blood sugar level. You can check it using glucometer and maintain a record of it and show this to your physician on your next visit. This will keep your blood sugar regulated and help you have better control over your diabetes.

4- Keep your blood pressure under control

Just like your diabetes, there is a dire need to control your blood pressure as well. Blood sugar level can often mess up with your blood pressure and this can be even more damaging. High blood pressure is one reason for diabetes retinopathy. You can work on your blood pressure and keep it in check. People who have high blood pressure in their genes are more prone to eye damage due to diabetes.

5- Don’t smoke

Smoking is not only damaging for your lungs but affects your chances of suffering from chronic 

conditions. Effects of smoking are not only limited to problem causation but also responsible for the complication. So, smoking can do more damage than you expect. If you want to limit this damage, a recommended practice is to stop smoking. You can skip it on your own or otherwise can seek professional help in this regard.

6- Visit your doctor 

Despite all the precautionary measures you take, there are many things only your physician can figure out. So, make sure you don’t skip your regular doctor’s visits. Visiting your doctor timely can help your physician track your health status and see how it’s changing over time. 

Bottom Line!

Eye health is important for you and you may need to take extra care of your eyes especially when you are diabetic. You can follow these tips alongside visiting your doctor from time to time to keep your eyes healthy.

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