Which Hair Regrowth Treatment Will Be The Best For Hair Loss?

The image that is looking back from the mirror is not what you thought you would we, did you? The bald hair patch that is peeking through is tugging at your heart in a most painful way. The desire to rip apart all the hair is getting strong, but you would not do that. Your whole look is based on your hair!


The article that you read about Hair Transplant in Punjab now looks like a bandage that heals the injury, but there are still more doubts about what could be the best treatment option to regrow your precious hair.

That is why you are here to untangle the mess inside your head with this overwhelming treatment.

PRP Therapy for Hair Growth!

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy is one of the safest procedures to regain hair in a most natural way. The treatment of PRP is a non-surgerical one,  which effectively reverses the early stage of hair loss which is in a pattern or Androgenetic Alopecia both in women and men.

Hair Transplant or PRP

  • PRP is minimally invasive, whereas in hair transplant it is an extensive procedure, where the hair is transplanted from the donor area to the hair loss area.it involves an incision and is a complex surgery.
  • Hair Transplant is used generally for baldness, whereas PRP therapy is used to prevent baldness.
  • 4 – 8 hours are required for the treatment of hair transplant, whereas in PRP therapy 1 – 1.5 hours is required per session.

PLEASE NOTE: Hair Transplant Cost may vary from the requirement of the patients and the area that is needed to transplant, each case has different needs which specify its cost value and complication.


It is non-surgical technical, as well as non-invasive too, and uses an injection of enzymes, vitamins, hormones to tighten and rejuvenate the skin.

 Laser Treatment For Hair Loss

Also known as cold laser or red light therapy illuminate photons onto the scalp tissues, which are later absorbed by the weak cells that encourage hair growth.

It is also known to be a safe procedure for both women and men, however, there is a need for more studies in the medical field to overcome the issues of the inconsistent results.

 Stem Cell Therapy

With the help of punch biopsy, it extracts stem from the person, which is performed by an instrument that has a circular blade that removes the cylindrical sample of the tissues,

Rather than removing a large part of the hair that is to be transplanted, it takes a smaller portion of the skin sample that helps the hair follicles to harvest.

For all the intents and purpose!

The required knowledge about your option is very important to gain, it would help you understand your best option and interview your doctor with the right set of questions.

At Profile Forte, you will get the best treatment and counselling performed by skilled surgeons and doctors. Also, the staff member will make certain that you get a comfortable environment for your treatment.

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