Which treatment approaches are used to heal the skull problems?

Our skull consists of the bones and the cartilage and we can also feel those bones. These o5 bones are responsible for structuring the base & bottom of the cranium along with the eye socket. Since the neurologist in Ludhiana has defined the skull base as a complex area thus it has various openings.


Why is skull base surgery taken into account?

The skull base surgery is usually used to eliminate the abnormalities and the growths in the following:

  • The underside of the Brain
  • The base of the skill
  • Top of the vertebrae

Since these are the most difficult to access areas in the body, then the skull base surgery can accompany the minimally invasive endoscopic procedure. This is the procedure that helps to reach those difficult to access areas of the body. In this procedure, an instrument is inserted through the natural opening of the skull. This surgery does not only require neurosurgeons but the ENT doctors, radiologists, maxillofacial surgeons are also required.

 How did the surgeries take place when endoscopic procedures were not available?

Before the origin of endoscopic skull base surgery, the only way with which the growths can be removed was to make the openings in the skull and then carry out the whole procedure.

When do patients need skull base surgery?

The following condition usually requires the skull base surgery as its treatment:

  • The development of the cysts from the birth
  • The infection caused growths
  • The development of the Pituitary Tumours
  • The growth of the Meningiomas
  • If the slow-growing bone tumour is located at the base of the skull
  • If the patient is facing severe pain in any facial side
  • If the growth is occurring just near the pituitary gland
  • If the skull bones of the infants are closing too early
  • If there has occurred a bulge in the blood vessel
  • If the veins and the arteries are atypically connected

How many types of skull base surgery are there?

There are two possible ways with the help of which skull base surgery is performed at Neuro Hospital in Ludhiana:

  • MI (Minimally Invasive) Skull Base Surgery:

To accomplish these surgeries, there is no need to make a large incision. During the procedure, the surgeon will, first of all, make a small opening inside the nose, through which an endoscope will be introduced that will clear the growths. The doctor will take an MRI picture to know if all the growths have been removed or not.

  • Traditional Surgery:

This surgery requires incisions in the skull & the facial area. Some parts of the bones will be needed to be removed so that the particular affected area can be accessed. The operating microscope is usually used for this surgery.

Final Comments!

If you want to know more about skull base surgery, then please keep on reading our articles and blogs. The doctors of neuro city hospital want to spread awareness among the people about Neurological disorders and the treatment of the same.


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