Everything you need to know about embryo and fetus development

Knowing about the development stages is important in all ways. As it tells that there are different things which happen so that it reaches the desired situation. Well! Here I am talking about embryo and fetus development. In case you are pregnant at the moment or you are in the process of getting IVF at one of the best IVF Centre in Punjab then accordingly embryo growth is there. Indeed! You have to be clear about everything so that there is no problem and you can carefree go through the entire process.


Embryo Development

The embryo development is the most important phase as here the embryo will be formed. Its development is done in the amniotic sac & it is present under the uterus lining on one side. There is the desired stage in which all the internal organs are formed and then comes the external body structures. In total 3 weeks is needed to form the same and this equals to pregnancy time of 5 weeks. At this point, the embryo will get bigger and it does take the human shape.

Following that the brain & spinal cord is formed. Gradually, the spinal cord & brain will begin to form. Around day 16, there will be the necessary blood vessels and heart. As time passes by the blood vessels are going to develop the placenta & embryo.

The brain & spinal cord are the 2 most important things which will continue to develop through the pregnancy period.

If you are thinking, ‘When are all the body organs formed?’

This stage happens during the 10th week following fertilization.

Keeping everything aside, it is extremely important to take the best care of yourself otherwise the embryo can get affected.

Fetus & Placenta Development

In the 8th week following fertilization, the embryo will take the shape of the fetus. This is the stage where the entire structure is properly made and developed. Some of the key highlighting factors are:

  • Pregnant at 12th week: The fetus fills the entire uterus
  • Pregnant at 14th week: Sex will be checked
  • Pregnant at 16th or 20th week: At this point, the fetus can be felt moving. So, this is the stage when a woman will feel the baby move.
  • Pregnant at 24th week: At this point, the fetus can easily survive the uterus outer part.

Until the delivery time is not near, the lungs continue to develop. Moreover, the brain will have all the new cells during the pregnancy periods. Not just that, even during the babies 1 year of birth the cells continue to develop.

Make an informed decision by consulting the experienced IVF doctor

In case, there is any sort of doubt in your mind at any point then better schedule your initial consultation at Gem Hospital & IVF centre. Whether your concern is regarding the Test tube baby cost or anything else, you have to be clear about everything. So, always ask questions to keep yourself informed.

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